Loyal by AHG

Win Big Win Bentley

Al Habtoor Group offers a gift that keeps on giving – in correlation to the all-new Loyal by Al Habtoor Group Mobile App, Al Habtoor Group is giving its loyal members a chance to win a brand-new luxury Bentley while earning points that are as good as cash at the same time.

Spend AED 180 in any of the participating outlets for a chance to enter into the final draw and win the grand Bentley prize.

To enter the draw, you would need to receive a minimum of 42 tickets in order to qualify for the final round during the campaign period of 03 December 2020 – 07 April 2021.

As Loyal promises to be a gift that keeps on giving, members will not only redeem vouchers to qualify for the Bentley prize but will also earn points that may be redeemed on their next visit while accumulating credit to support their next qualifying ticket for the all-new Bentley car. 

Grand draw will be held on 8th April 2021, Thursday with venue to be announced. 

Visit Tickets & Vouchers and Leaderboard sections and see your chances of winning. 

Participating Venues:

Habtoor Palace – Hotel Stays included
World Cut Steakhouse
Le Patio
The Polo Bar
The Roof Gardens
Champagne Lounge

V Hotel Dubai – Hotel Stays included
V Lounge
Summer Place

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City – Hotel Stays included
Ribs & Brews
The Café
The 44

Habtoor Polo Resort: Hotel Stays NOT included
Grill Pitt
Horse and Hound
Habtoor Grand Resort: Hotel Stays NOT included
Underground Pub
Grand Grill 
Metropolitan: Hotel Stays NOT included
Red Lion 
Don Corleone 
Waldorf Astoria: Hotel Stays NOT included
Social by Heinzbeck

The Atrium
The Rose & Crown
The City Grill

La Perle – Tickets has to be booked using Loyal app.

For more details email info@habtoorloyal.com


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